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Business Website Design

An ideal solution for any business that need has a website presents entire general information about company's products and services.

Let a professional website with an impressive design to create a brand for your business.

Website packages

To give favorable and quick condition for customers to own a website, we have designed and built complete service packages, you can choose one of three packages depend on your size and requirements.

STT Functions Basic Standard Advance
1 Home page x x x
2 About us x x x
3 Products x x x
4 Services x x x
5 Support Online x x x
6 Counter statistics x x x
7 Contact form x x x
8 News - Events x x x
9 Customers - Partners x x x
10 Job hiring x x x
11 Adverting banner x x x
12 Multi language x x
13 Search x x
14 Map x x
15 FAQs x
16 Photo Gallery x
17 Download x

Website packages detail

1.Products  Module

This module allows enterprises to divide into several product categories that can change on demand for example, divide into furniture, handicrafts, agricultural products etc .... Presentation of information, images of the product cost in the form of e-catalogs. Each product will have an order form attached, to help customers easily ordered.

2. Services Module

Display information, images about the services of the business on the website. Each service has a service request form included, allow customers to easily contact as necessary.

3. News Module

Module allows to split information into many different types as news eg local, international news, technology news, local news ...

4. FAQs Module

This module help enterprises to post Faqs from customers and reply content from business, to create professional view from viewers about the product - your services. Integrated these function to help customers conveniently send requests, suggestions, opinions ... to business.

5. Job hiring Module

Allows your enterprise to post these job hiring information, to help you search good candidates.

6. Create poll, vote Module

Your enterprise may put some questions to the survey of customers visiting the website.

7. Online advertising Module

Allows your enterprise to manage the banners, logos of partners on your website, generate revenues from the site.

8. Search Module

Include two search functions: Find quickly and Advanced search.

Find quickly: allow viewers to search quickly any information via the website simple task is to enter a keyword and press Enter to show results.

Advanced search: allows viewers to limit the area to search information to display results more accurately ... For example, finding a stamp and seal ...

9. Module counters, website statistics

Including the enumeration of persons has access, are visiting Web sites, counts were considered for each product, website statistics how many hits, how many guests are online ... by day, by hour

10. Contact online Module

Allow customers to contact, feedback, orders to your enterprises through the website when they needed.

Above are some basic modules which a business website usualy uses. If you need requires any further information do please contact us following the address for a free consultation.

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