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Domain name is the starting point for website, a good domain name will add strength to your brand.Let us protect your brand online imediately. The domain name is the  identifier name of website on the Internet. This domain name usually associated with the company name and brand of the business.

What is domain name?
Internet network is information network to access form a computer to others in the world. In information technology, professionals use IP adress to identify for computers. Example in Vietnam are now using those IP 203.xxx.xxx.xxx style and 222.xxx.xxx.xxx, of VNPT 58.xxx.xxx.xxx, of FPT and 125. Example the IP of http://jumla.vn is by definition this site will be located in a server with IP address as above.If users want to access this ones will must remember all the numbers, the dot, comma, even is this folder, it cause the trouble, time consuming and difficult to remember. Thus was born the domain to resolve IP address, domain name replaces the IP range complex and hard to remember when people want to access websites simply type the name instead of the IP domain. About technical aspect, the domain name is a perfect solution for users and managers.

So domain name is an identifier is registered by individuals, companies use to set up a website on the internet.

The common types of domain names:

These types of domain name usually use the following domain names:
  • International Domain Names: .com, .net, .org, .info, ...
  • National domain name : National domain name is a special type of domain name is owned and protected by a country or territory. Country domain has high characteristic and there are separate provisions with international domain names. National domain names in Vietnam there are two main types:
    • Third-level domain name: ( .com.vn; .net.vn ; .org.vn ...)
    • Second-level domain name (.vn )
The problem around domain name with the business

Cost of establishment and maintenance of domain names are not too large, so it make the opportunity market to speculate domain names all over the world and Vietnam. The enterprises has brand not be unaware the protection so many competitors registered before the domain name to cause undue discomfort, trừThe enterprises has brand not be unaware the protection so many competitors registered before the domain name to cause undue discomfort, except for some organizations and businesses are protected domain name, the rest of the business entities and individuals are not protected domain name, so enterprises must be aware of protecting their brands.

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