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Are you owning a personal website, company, project or content administrator the e-commerce website? If you want to develop your website and give it presence on the Internet, SEO will be the most effective solution, develop your company's website and brand on the Internet, expand customer list, increase website ranking in the world, allowing readers to access the Internet know and order more. But you're wondering:

  • Your website is not yet appear on the Google search engine, Yahoo search ...?
  • Your website is not in the first page list of search results from Google, Yahoo ...?
  • Your site has not known yet?
  • The business of your company may be not effective in the Internet environment?

Every day, there are millions of people access to search engines to find products, services and information they need. The problem is how can customers find your website first that must be not the other competitors? We will help you solve that problem with web promotion services.

The most important of web promotion service package must be putting the tag on the product - the services include in your website on top first list of website on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn ...

SEO process:

1. Receive customer's requirements

2. Survey results and analysis the competitiveness of the keywords (keywords) that customers request when give the search results.

3. To give strategy to promote the website of  your business.

4. Refer website system structure of your business to identify the appropriate optimal system with the conditions of search service providers such as Google, Yahoo Search, ...


6. Accept and complete the SEO for your business website requirements to have ranking on search engines.

You need to provide the following information to us:

1. Number of keywords, keyword phrases (distinguish the keywords have marked sign and the keywords unsigned) that you want to promote your products and services ...?

2. Url to your website (link website)?

3. How much do you want your website is ranked from 1-10 on the first page?

4. SEO on google.com.vn or google.com?

5. Time maintaining the rank results?

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